De 1%Club -A kindergarten for deaf children in the DPRK

De 1%Club -A kindergarten for deaf children in the DPRK

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"In april 2016 I will be travelling to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). Not much is known about this secretive place, but when news does get out it is often negative or people tend to treat it as a joke. The human rights record is appalling and that food security is deteriorating. I know that I wont be able to experience 'the real North Korea', as that is virtually impossible as a tourist. What I do know however, is that there are people living in this country: people who go to school, go to work, fall in love, just like everyone else in the world.

This project, the funding of a Kindergarten in Pyongyang for deaf and hearing impaired children, was set up by a German man called Robert Grund. He has been attempting to break down the barriers for the deaf in the DPRK. Being deaf in the DPRK means social exclusion, kids don't go to school, are discriminated against, cannot communicate and often feel lonely and isolated. At this kindergarten, kids are given the opportunity to learn sign language and connect with their peers. Small steps are being made to empower North Korea's deaf.

The reason I find this project so important is because it provides a future for children who otherwise would have remained stuck at home and excluded from life in 'normal' society. We often take our ability to hear for granted, and being able to learn sign language will open up an entire new world for these kids.

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